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Item Type: Clear glass roll on bottles with steel roller-balls, capacity range about 1/2oz ( from 12ml to 15ml)

Item Name: GBFlair15MtlRollSlMatt

Item Description: Flair design 15ml, 1/2oz Clear glass bottle with metal roller ball plug and matte silver cap. For use with perfume or fragrance oil, essential oils, aromatic oils and aromatherapy. Refillable, classic style bottle good for promotions and decants. Price ea

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Item Capacity: 15 ml (0.51 oz)

Item Height with Cap: 68 ±1 mm

Item Height without Cap: 56 ±1 mm

Item Width: 41 ±0.5 mm

Item Depth : 20 ±0.5 mm

Neck Thread Size: 13-415

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