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     offers an great selection of accessories for perfume bottles and fragrances such as, organza pouches, velveteen bags, metal funnels, plastic funnels, droppers, aromatherapy diffusers, and gift boxes.

Funnels and Droppers

  Plastic metal funnels glass droppersSmall plastic and metal funnels are available for filling bottles with tiny mouths.  When a funnel is placed over the mouth of the bottle, care should be taken to allow air to escape from the sides of the funnel tip.  If air cannot escape it will be difficult to fill the bottle.  The plastic funnels have a ridge along the outer edge of the tip of the funnel.  These ridges prevent the funnel from blocking the mouth of the bottle and therefore allow easy passage for air flowing out of the bottle.  The metal funnels do not have features that prevent them from blocking the air flow.  Therefore, the metal funnel has to be lifted slightly for the liquid to flow into the bottle.

Glass droppers with rubber bulbs  are available in the 20/410 size.  These droppers can be used to transfer fragrances or essential oils drop by drop.

Gift Bags - Velveteen Pouches and Organza Bags

  Velvet and Organza gift bagsAttractive velveteen bags and organza pouches are excellent for packaging and presenting gifts.  These bags and pouches can be used to package gifts for party and wedding favors, promotional items,  new products, etc.  Bags and pouches are versatile and attractive.  Products of uneven shape and size can be packaged in these bags. 

Small Velveteen bags in 3” x 4” size are great for gift packing small decorative perfume bottles such as the heart shaped bottles, sunflower bottles and other bottles available in the small decorative perfume bottles section.  Small 5ml roll on bottles, 5ml atomizers, and small vials and glass bottles can also fit into the 3” x 4” velveteen bags.  The velveteen bags are available in Black, Blue, Green and Red color.

Larger 4.5” x 6” size velveteen bags can be used to package larger perfume bottles such as the 1/3 oz (10ml) size roll on bottles, 10ml perfume atomizers, 1oz and larger square glass bottles, and various bottles packaged in clear top gift boxes. The larger velveteen bags are also available in Black, Blue, Green and Red colors.

Organza see-through bags are available in two different sizes - 4.5” x 6” and 5.5” x 8”.  The organza bags have a flat square base so that they can stand and be displayed vertically.  Multiple products can be placed within each bag to create attractive gift packets.  The organza bags are available in a number of different colors such as White, Ivory, Baby Pink, Purple, Christmas Green, Hunter Green, Gold, Black, Red, and Violet.

Gift boxes

  Wood and paper gift boxesTwo types of gift boxes are currently available.  Jewelry gift boxes with a clear plastic top.  These boxes have a sponge with white foam in the base that provides a nice, padded background. They are available in 2 sizes: 3” x 2” with a depth of  1” and 3” x 2” with a depth of 1 ½ inches.  Elegant wooden gift boxes in cherry color and lacquer finish are also available.  The inner dimensions of the wooden boxes are :    These can be used to display more expensive bottles such as the Elegant and cylindrical bottles with metal and beads decoration.

Clear top jewelry gift boxes are provided along with  number of our small decorative bottles.  You can purchase additional gift boxes if you need them for other bottles. 

Aromatherapy Diffuser

  Aroma therapy diffuserAt present, we offer only one aromatherapy diffuser.  It is easy and convenient to use.  Put a small amount of water on the top of the diffuser and add  a few drops of fragrance.  Light the tea light candle to gently warm the water.  As the water heats up, it will warm the fragrance that will diffuse into the air.  Please ensure safety precautions when lighting the tea light candle.  Keep it away from all flammable objects.  Ensure that the aromatherapy diffuser cannot fall onto any object that can catch fire.  Keep away from children.  

Re-closable Plastic Bags and Shipping Boxes

  Aroma therapy diffuserIn addition to gift boxes we also offer packaging materials such as reclosable plastic bags, brown corrugate boxes and mailer boxes. The plastic bags, brown shipping boxes and mailer boxes are available in various sizes.  

Caps, Rollon Plugs, and Spray Tops

  Aroma therapy diffuserVarious accessories for our bottles such as roll on balls, caps, and sprayers are available. These are designed to fit our products. They may or may not fit other bottles. It is important that you check and make sure that our fitments and accessories work with your products. Roll on caps and plugs for 17/415 and 13/415 sizes are available. In addition, you can select from various atomizers and antique style bulb sprayers.  
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