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      will be offering an exclusive selection of Lotions bottles and cream jars.  To learn more about our various bottles please click on the links below.  To order the lotion bottles and cream jars, please use the links on the left hand side.

Cream Jars, Treatment Pumps, and Lotion Bottles
  Cream Jars, Plastic and PromotionalCream jars for samples and promotional events are available in clear, blue and white color. Cream jars in plastic and glass are available in oz, 1oz and 2oz capacity. Our line is expanding to include Amber and frosted glass jars. Jar lids of various colors will also be available.  

Bottles with Lotion and Treatment Pump

  Lotion bottles and pumps, metal acrylicSophisticated 1oz capacity lotion bottles are available in clear plastic and silver metal shell bottles. The plastic bottle has a silver top covering and collar and clear plastic cap. Our line is expanding to include glass bottles with treatment and lotion pumps.  


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