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Item Type: Lotion Bottles

Item Name: LBCyl9LtnGl

Item Description: Cylinder design 9ml,1/3 oz clear glass bottle with treatment pump with gold trim and plastic overcap. For use with serums, light creams, moisturizers, facial oils or face oils, beard oils, body lotions, body wash, and hair products. Price each

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Item Capacity: 9 ml (0.3 oz)

Item Height with Cap: 98 ±1 mm

Item Height without Cap: 70 ±1 mm

Item Diameter: 20 ±0.5 mm

Neck Thread Size: 17-415

Product Packaging Ideas

9ml Frosted Cylinder Glass Bottle with white lotion pump and gold trim. For use with lotions, moisturizers, and creams.
9ml Frosted Lotion Bottle with Gold Trim - Orange Blossom
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