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  Contract Packaging

In addition to our products we also offer contract packaging services.  We can fill, cap, label and package the perfume bottles that we sell.  We specialize in small runs of hundreds to a few thousand bottles.


We have the capability to fill small perfume vials with capacities of 0.5ml or less to bottles with larger capacities of 200ml or more. 

We have a large selection of fragrances and essential oils that customers can select from.  More information about our high quality fragrances can be obtained from our website, www.NematFragrances.com and www.NematInternational.com. We can also fill fragrances and essential oils provided by our customers. 


We can cap and plug perfume vials to larger capacity fragrance bottles.  Our equipment consists of torque controlled cappers that can be used to apply specific torque (force) during the capping operation.


We do not make labels.  But we can use the labels our customers provide to apply them onto bottles.  The format that the labels are in and the bottles that they need to be applied onto, determines whether the labels will have to be applied manually or by a machine.

In addition to labels, the information can be screen printed onto the bottles or even laser engraved.  Bottles with smooth surfaces can be screen printed onto.  Laser engraving can be done on aluminum containers such as the metal shell perfume atomizer.


The products can be packaged in gift boxes provided by the customer and then packed into a larger carton for shipment to customer.   We do provide velveteen bags, organza bags and some gift boxes.  But, our customers can provide their own packaging material.  We do not make custom packaging for bottles.


Pricing depends on a lot of factors.  A quote will be provided based on the complexity of the project and estimated time required. 

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